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Silvia Wadhwa Moderatorin

Moderation Silvia Wadhwa

Moderation Silvia Wadhwa:

Silvia Wadhwa ist auf jedem Parkett zuhause.

Ob internationale Pferdegala oder Finanzkonferenz, ob Talkshow oder Messeauftritt ... auf English oder Deutsch .... Wadhwa führt mit Witz, Charme und Schlagfertigkeit durch Ihr Event.



Silvia Wadhwa is one of the best-known financial journalists in Germany. For over 30 years she has been reporting for leading media companies in print and television about monetary policy, fiscal policy, banking and politics.

Wadhwa studied "Journalism & Economics" in London, then first trained, later worked as correspondent for reputable news agencies such as VWD and Reuters. For Reuters, she began covering monetary policy and banking (right at the time of the "Big Bang" and global currency turbulences). From there she moved to the German business daily "Handelsblatt", before she took the first step into television with European Business Channel in Switzerland.

Except for a brief return to agency journalism (Wadhwa set up Bloomberg´s first news operation in Germany), she stayed with television ever since: Reuters Financial TV, European Business News and for these past 15 years as Chief Financial Correspondent for global business network CNBC. Barely a central banker or finance minister in and around Euroland that she hasn´t interviewd at one time or another.

Wadhwa is one of THE leading experts on ECB, Euro crisis and monetary policy and as such frequently invited to talk shows on prime time shows on ARD, ZDF or BBC.

Wadhwa is also author of a number of books, among them a historical trilogy about Mughal India and a collection of poetry and prose.



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Mobil: +49 (0) 171 4818 254
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Wohnort: Weilrod, Hessen
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